Happy Franksgiving

Thanksgiving = A day to give thanks
Pranksgiving = A day to play pranks
Spanksgiving = What happens after Pranksgiving
Hanksgiving = The day we all get our Hanks
Banksgiving = This happens in a parallel dimension
Tanksgiving = How we help other countries in their fight for democracy
Stanksgiving = This happens an hour after Thanksgiving
Franksgiving = Eating smoked meats and other delicacies at my brother-in-laws

Dinner Theater with the Cox Sisters

This is an accurate representation of our conversation at dinner tonight:

Me: “Meghan says she’s going to marry a man who cooks because she hates knives and touching raw meat and chopping vegetables.”

Sam: “I’m gonna marry a man who loves comedy… Or a leprechaun.”

Everyone but Sammee: “A leprechaun, huh?”

Sam: “What?! Leprechauns are hot.”

Meghan: “I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.”

Nick: “Who’s the best looking leprechaun you’ve ever seen?”

Sam: “I just think they’re pretty because they have a lot of money.”

Meghan: “Wow. Sam you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

And scene.

Here you go, babies!

Here’s my proton song, new and improved!

happy protons

This is my proton song
I sing it all day long
Everybody keep it posi’
And we can’t go wrong
Say no to electrons
Cuz they won’t sing along
All that negative energy
Just feels so wrong