I’m 103 and other musings plus another gold nugget from Oswald Chambers

Mr. Chambers does it again. This. I NEEDED to read this. It is just another huge confirmation that the decision Nick and I recently made for our family was the right thing for us. 

It would be hard for me to explain why this meant so much to me without telling you a lot of our personal history and I don’t think I want to do that… But it is still an amazing read for any Christian. 

If you don’t own a copy of My Utmost for His Highest, I highly recommend getting one or downloading the phone app or having both the book and the phone app, like me. Be forewarned, however, there is more than one version. The original version written in the early 1900’s (1911-1917) and an updated version that puts Mr. Chambers old timey speech into more modern language. I personally prefer the original old timey one because I think the way Mr. Chambers phrases things is poetic and makes me think. Also, I’m secretly 103 and kindly request that you get off my lawn, you dang kids. 

Anyway… go read it. HashtagGoodStuff

2 Songs for the price of one!

Music, baby.  Here’s a couple songs to tickle your eardrums.  The first one is called Never Ending.  I wrote it a while ago and Nick recorded it today.  It’s not an edited version.  It’s just a straight up recording, complete with flaws and all.  Enjoy.



Your love for me is never ending
You are always on my side


Your love is so hard to comprehend
A light that never ends
And pierces through the dark
Places in me I can’t fight them on my own
I am weak and You are strong
Open up my eyes to see


And I know I cannot earn it I don’t deserve it
A mystery to me
And I know at times I’m faithless ashamed and naked
Your love covers me



Okay, here’s gem #2.  I found this little beauty on my phone.  It’s called Turtle Song and it’s a true story.  I remember the day I made the recording.  I’m not 100% sure it’s fit for human ears but here it is anyway.



There is a turtle out in the road
Walking toward his turtle home
Don’t want to hit him I’ll drive around
Until that turtle is safe and sound


Well, that’s all I got for now, my pretties.  Feel free to check out some of my other songs by clicking MMMM… STUFF at the top of the page.  I’ve written 30 or 40 songs now but I’ve only recorded a few.  One of these days I’ll get around to recording the rest.  Nick eagerly awaits the day that I record Robot Death Match.  One of these days.  😉

Peace, my people.

How long will I love you


This is my absolute favorite song right now.  I can’t get it out of my head.  Jon Boden, Sam Sweeney and Ben Coleman cover it on the About Time soundtrack and I heard it for the first time when I watched the movie.  Since then I can’t stop listening to it, singing it, playing it on the piano.  Here are the lyrics and a couple different versions of it, including the original by The Waterboys and one by Ellie Goulding.

How long will I love you?
As long as there are stars above you
And longer if I can

How long will I need you?
As long as the seasons need to
Follow their plan

How long will I be with you?
As long as the sea is bound to
Wash upon the sand

How long will I want you?
As long as you want me to
And longer by far

How long will I hold you?
As long as your father told you
As long as you are

How long will I give to you?
As long as I live through you
However long you say

How long will I love you?
As long as stars are above you
And longer if I may

The Waterboys

Jon Boden, Sam Sweeney and Ben Coleman

Ellie Goulding

A Serious Condition


(That’s my husband on the right wearing the seriously ill scally cap. That’s his dad on the left with the seriously rad moustache.)

Today is Father’s Day.

Over twelve years ago, my husband Nick was afflicted with a strange condition that reshaped him and changed him into a new creature. The condition: fatherhood.  His new identity: father.

At first the symptoms were subtle, as my abdomen grew, no significant physical changes took place in him.  But after Meghan greeted us for the first time, the condition began to manifest itself in more pronounced ways.  At any given time, Nick could be seen rocking her to sleep or changing a diaper.  His speech patterns changed as he began making cutesy noises in the general direction of our infant.  Strange for a man in his twenties, enjoying the prime of his life.  But the condition had taken root and there was no known cure.

Over the years the condition has only worsened.  Consider these manifestations: getting kicked and peed on when our daughters went through their “climbing into our bed at night” stage, sleeping in uncomfortable hospital chairs when both of our daughters were hospitalized (at different times), missing out on events he wanted to go to because we had family stuff planned (and it was more important to him), swimming with our daughters (he hates to swim), watching cartoons almost every single day, working hard to make sure our diabetic daughter has never had a lapse in insurance coverage, eating the food Sammee makes for him, wearing jewelry that Meghan made for him, quitting his recording studio to spend more time with his family, spending copious amounts of money on special curriculum for our dyslexic daughters, enduring the pain of stepping on beads time and again to support his daughters growing jewelry making enterprise, listening to Let It Go way too many times to count, dressing up in costume every single Halloween simply because his daughters asked him to, and the list goes on.  Seriously, I could go on forever.

I’ve seen fatherhood change my husband in many ways.  He is more gentle, more patient, full of humility and kindness.  Being a father has left him more sensitive to the needs of others and made him a better listener.  Fatherhood has caused him to be more self-less, investing time in others that he could be investing in himself.  He is interested in learning and improving himself as well as teaching others and helping them to improve as well.

Though I doubt scientists will find a cure for this affliction any time soon, I sincerely hope they never do.  Sure you can avoid the affects of this condition if you stay far away from your offspring or if you actively try to remain selfish and ridiculous.  But really, why would you?  As far as I can see, becoming a father is one of the best things that has ever happened to my husband in his entire life.  I’m proud to call him the father of my children.

The Funny, Little Elf and The Ghost

It’s story cube time again in school, my friends. If you enjoy a good tale made up of random ideas drawn from 9 picture die and told by an 11 year old and an 8 year old (with the help of their clever mother), then this is the story for you.

I now present to you: The Funny, Little Elf and The Ghost

Once upon a time, there was a mysterious lock… on a door… in a house. No one knew what the lock went to.  It was magical.  Now, there was a funny little elf.  This elf would take his funny little elf bike and ride around the neighborhood until one day he saw a new house.  It was mysterious and weird to him because he knew all the houses in the neighborhood, he knew everyone in the neighborhood and he knew everything about the neighborhood.  He went up to this mysterious, new house and knocked on the door.  When no one answered right away, he tapped his foot loudly and huffed then knocked impatiently, even louder.  Suddenly, a ghost answered the door and went “Bbblllllbblblblbllll!!!”  The elf jumped practically out of his skin!  He was confused by all this and annoyed but mostly confused.

He went home to ponder the meaning of it all.  He pulled out this lucky abacus.  It always gave him the correct answers to the most difficult math questions so he was sure it could help him solve the mystery of the new house with the magical lock.  He stared at the abacus for days.  Finally, he knew what to do.  The abacus told him to fly a rocket up into space and look down on the earth and say, “What’s wrong with you world?”  He had to do this because the abacus told him to.

When he came back down to earth from space, he landed on his house (with a mouse in it) and crushed both the house and the mouse.  (It was a sad day for the mouse’s family.)  He was extremely mad about all this so he found a tree with a large tree trunk, big enough carve an entirely new house out of the trunk.  He decided to live in the tree from then on.

However, while all this was fun, it still hadn’t helped him solve the mystery of the house with the magical lock.  He knew he needed to look for clues.  So he dressed in his very best Sherlock Holmes costume and began to search the neighborhood for clues that would tell him the secret of the house.

First, he talked with a tree that had a face.  The tree said, “Bblbllblblblblblbl!”  The elf replied, “Oogie, oogie, oogie.”  To which the tree said, “Well, sir, I don’t know anything about the house other than that there is an old man living in the house that died yesterday!”  At this the tree used his mighty branches to push the elf down into a mud puddle.  Now, the elf’s feet were ever so dirty, as well as the rest of him, but mostly his feet.  He went to go wash off his dirty feet and happened to find some footprints… covered in gold!  He picked up the golden footprints and made millions of dollars.

With his newfound wealth, he hired the world’s best living detective, Batman.  Batman called the Justice League and they all went over to the mysterious house to solve the mystery.  What they found has astounded everyone who has heard this tale. They found a….

And then the funny little elf, grew to be an old man.  He never told anyone what they found.  But he did move into the house and had lots of girly tea parties with the ghost.

The End.

Moms are the Shasta (And so are kids)

It’s Mother’s Day. The one day a year we acknowledge how truly amazing our moms are. We make lists of how awesome they are and include lots of tear jerking items like:

  • She’s always there for me
  • No one loves me like Mom
  • Her strength and wisdom made me what I am

Blah, blah, blah… Moms are the shizz. And they are. I have had 3 moms, 4 if you include my mom-in-law. So I know a thing or two about moms. And I truly and deeply appreciate all of the women who shaped Bonnie Margaret Cox into the fine lady she is today. But today, I wanna give a shout out to my kids. 

Without children, I would never have become a mom and I wouldn’t have an extra day to celebrate my outstanding, awe-inspiring radness. (Not that we need an extra day for that, every single day is enough.)

But having children has taught me so much I don’t think I would have learned otherwise. Having kids has taught me the true meaning of hard work and sacrifice. You don’t understand sacrifice until you’ve had to sacrifice something in your life for your child. (And in Abraham’s case, until you have to sacrifice your child.)

Having children has taught me patience. It’s made me a little softer around the edges. It’s made me realize the importance of choosing my words wisely. And caused me to slow down and smell the roses and choose to enjoy my loved ones while I have them with me. 

I’ve learned so much about myself too. Kids are like having a little living mirror of your own brain and personality. Every bad habit and obnoxious trait are amplified in front of you. You have to learn how to change that in yourself so you can guide your little ones through the pitfalls of acting like a complete dumbass. 

And having children has completely changed how I read the Bible. I have a greater understanding of God’s love for His children because I know how I feel about mine. It’s taught me the real meaning of unconditional love and how it’s possible to completely love someone you’ve never met. 

I never wanted to have kids at a young age, IF I ever did have kids. My plan was to wait at least 10 years before we had kids. But 3 years after we got married, one night of fun without a rain coat and we were preggers. I’ll never forget Nick’s reaction when I told him I was pregnant and didn’t just have the flu. He literally grabbed his face with both hands, his back hit the wall and he slowly slid down to the floor. No words came out of his open mouth. (That makes me LOL.) We weren’t ready for a kid AT ALL. But that didn’t matter, Meghan was on the way, regardless. 

Now, I can say I wish I’d had kids earlier. I’d be a better person and I’d be much younger when my kids stop being kids. Still, I’ll be pretty young when Sam turns 18, I’ll only be 44. Nick will be 48. We can be newlyweds again. It’s gonna rock so freakin hard. 

So, yes, I’m thankful for my moms. I’m thankful for the sacrifices they made and the love they gave. But I’m equally thankful for my girls. Without them I wouldn’t be who I am now. They are, without a doubt, the best learning experience I’ve ever had and the greatest joy of my life. 

I love you, Meghan Elizabeth Cox and Samantha Anne Cox. Thanks for making me a mother. 

This one’s for all the ladies… ;)

To all my ladies out there: here’s a song for you, about how rad you are, because you’re all so beautiful with such mad, righteous skilz.



P.S. If you don’t see your picture here, it’s because I couldn’t find a pic of you on the internet, something that is much harder to do now that I don’t have FB. But, rest assured, I still love you!



Hey I just wanted you to know

You are beautiful, in every single way

Yeah you, you’re a gorgeous girl

With a beautiful heart

And mad righteous skilz


You’re a triple threat, a triple threat

The world sees you coming and they think how can I get

With that triple threat, that triple threat

She’s the most amazing girl I think I have ever met


Take, take the time to look inside

There’s a beauty you can’t hide, even if you tried

Can you see, what everyone else sees

Is it so hard to believe? We think you’re breathtaking


You’re a triple threat, a triple threat

The world sees you coming and they think how can I get

With that triple threat, that triple threat

She’s the most amazing girl I think I have ever met


You’re rad


You’re a triple threat, a triple threat

The world sees you coming and they think how can I get

With that triple threat, that triple threat

She’s the most amazing girl I think I have ever met


Hey I just wanted you to know

You are beautiful, in every single way

Yeah you, you’re a gorgeous girl

With a beautiful heart

And mad righteous skilz