Gently close up

Sometimes instead of saying “shut up”, my girls and I say “gently close up”, because “shut up” is rude. So if you couldn’t tell by the title, this post is about shutting up. 

As I was worshipping my God this morning, I was impressed that I needed to shut up. Lol. Or more specifically, I realized that as Christians we often treat prayer and worship as a time to entreat God to enact change in the world. And that’s not a wrong idea. It’s just not the end. It’s not the only purpose of prayer and worship. 

Prayer and worship can also be a time for God to enact change in us. 

But if we don’t stop talking about the change we want to see God enact in the world, we miss the change God wants to enact in us. 

Psalm 46:10

“He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.””

He is God. He will be exalted. He’s not too worried about it. You, BE STILL for a few minutes so He can be exalted in YOU. 

I don’t have much more to say. I could actually, ironically, talk a lot about being silent.  But I’m not gonna type your ear off today. 

Just “gently close up” for a few minutes and be still, let Him enact change in you. 

Amen. The end. Hasta la vista, baby.


If you like reading blog posts that are insightful and clever and not written by me, then you have come to the right blog post.  Because if you follow that link down there, you’ll read a very good, nay, excellent, post by a guy called Chris Linzey, about modern worship music and its place in the church and the home.  I liked it and you should too because I said so.

I would tell you more but that would be spoilers.  Go.  Read.  Enjoy.

I am the link you must follow.


This guy.


Watched “Ragamuffin” last night with the fam. It’s the story of Rich Mullins’ life and career. So then, of course, today I go and listen to some of my faves by him. If I hadn’t been driving I would have sobbed my face completely off. Thankfully, my mom and kids were in the car with me so I was able to hold it together. (I put my tongue between my molars and bit down. Worked like a charm.)

I don’t even know what to say about Rich Mullins that hasn’t already been said. All I can say is, “This guy.” And, Rich, if you can somehow read this, thanks.


Light a Fire

Here is a beautiful song for you by Brian Johnson. I love it. Enjoy.

Listen to it here.

Watch it here.

These are the lyrics.

Light a fire in us oh God
That no man can take away
Light a fire in us oh God
That no man can take away

Light a fire in all the earth
That nothing can take away

Light a fire in all the earth
That nothing can take away