A new song and a question

Working on a new song this evening.  Fun times.  The song is below.  But, first, I have a question for you: who would come to my house if I did a show and played some of my songs?  I have a lot of songs and most of them no one but my family has heard.  I’d really like a play them for people some time.  So I guess I’m just curious, would anyone come?  Drop me a line if you’d like to come to my house and hear some of my songs.

Here is the song, btw:

I’ve Known Jesus That’s How I Know


Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 11.04.21 PM

4 thoughts on “A new song and a question

  1. Nope, if all your songs are like that one, I would not want to come. Your questions are great, your answer is unsatisfactory. Where your answer came from, and how you found it, that is up to you. Telling it to the world would leave a feeling of anti-climax. To take just one of your questions, how can you know love unless you’ve first known pain? Maybe I felt the pain of being born, I don’t remember. But the love my mother offered me had no need for pain, it filled me up right from the outset. The first real pain I experienced, aside from the physical pain my abusive father gave me daily, was the psychic fear of being told if I did not accept chtist as my saviour I would spend eternity in hell. Why would anyone tell that to a child? A child still sees the world in black and white, gray is a colour reserved for adults. Yet, knowing gray, black and white is what they give the child. How can they be so mean?
    You say you were once hollow? I wonder what that means to you?.
    When god took my loving mother away from me at an early age, leaving me in the hands of my oh-so-loving-father, that would be my definition of hollow. I lived in fear for many years, because god saw fit to punish me for what I will never know, or understand.
    I did not feel whole again till I turned away from god, and found myself.
    I am glad you found your way to being filled, but don’t expect the rest of the world to feel the same way. Experience is a very good teacher…


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