Free Indeed

Here’s a little tune I’ve been working on.  I don’t know if I’m done with it yet.  Maybe I’ll add a bridge or something.  I definitely don’t have an ending yet.  If you even sorta like it, share it on Facebook because I’m taking an FB hiatus.  I still have my account, I’m just not getting on there.


Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 12.11.53 PM

2 thoughts on “Free Indeed

  1. Lori Smith says:

    I listened to “Free Indeed” this morning, Bonnie. It’s good! I really appreciate that you substitute “curse” for “sin”. Sin has become a Christian word many humans don’t even get. But everyone knows what a curse is, and that is so key to our freedom making some sense to the modern world. Freedom from a curse IS real freedom! Hearing that someone had to sacrifice themselves to set us free from it is even a rational thought to those who worship the earth and its rulers. I like it. I really like it, Bonnie!! Keep letting those creative juices flow!

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    • Thanks Lori!!! I really feel like “sin” is a concept that’s been warped over the centuries and we don’t really understand what it even is in our time. I feel like I’ve been a journey learning about grace lately and I wanted to put some of what I’ve learned into song.


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