Richard Parker, Nina Simone, and some other third thing…

I recently realized that I am a lot more fucked up than I thought I was. (Insert emotional support “lol”.) I have a lot more trauma to process and healing to do. It feels a bit like I am trapped on a lifeboat right now with Richard Parker, held captive by my own brain. But the good news is I am on the boat. I will survive this. (God, Bon, dramatic much? Lol.) And, honestly, when have I ever backed down from a challenge? So, even though my brain is floating through shark infested waters on a boat with a tiger as its companion, I’m feeling good. I have a plan and I have people who love me and support me. And if all else fails, I know memes will never let me drown. (Yeah, I’ll have to work on using humor as a coping mechanism. Lol.)

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