Tinnitus Conspiracy Theory

When I was 11, I sometimes had tinnitus. Tinnitus is a ringing or buzzing in one or both ears. I actually still get it sometimes but it doesn’t happen as often as it did when I was a young preteen.

Being 11, I didn’t know that this was an unusual occurrence that is NOT supposed to happen. I just figured it happened to everyone. So I never told anyone at all that it was happening.

Now, before you start to think that this is a story about a medical condition I didn’t know I had, let me set you straight, this story in no way answers any medical questions. I still don’t know why I had (and sometimes still have) tinnitus and, to be honest, I don’t care. (I should probably care but I don’t. Sue me.)

One night, after having a particularly memorable amount of high pitched ringing in my ears, I went and stared out of my bedroom window at the streetlights in our neighborhood and a strange idea came to me. What if that high pitched whine I heard was actually the sound of air escaping through a crack in the large glass dome that covered my world? Yes, you read that right, I imagined The Truman Show before it ever existed. (The Truman Show was released in 1998. I was 11 in 1992. Suck on that.)

My theory was this: I was actually a full grown adult detective from the future who rode a motorcycle and “knew too much”. My memory had been replaced and I had been reprogrammed to believe I was an eleven year old girl. My entire world was under a huge glass dome where “the past” (1992) had been recreated to keep me under control. (Hello? The Matrix? It came out in 1999. Apparently, I had all the good ideas first.)

EVERYONE was in on it. And for the most part, “their” plan had worked. (No idea who “they” were.) BUT, the dome was cracking and sometimes air would escape creating this high pitched whine. Everyone could hear it but they pretended not to so I wouldn’t regain my true memories. But now that I’d figured it out, I just had to wait until my true memories resurfaced and I could escape the dome.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, my true memories never resurfaced and I grew up and got married and had kids and forgot all about being a detective from the future.

But tonight, I remembered.

And I realized something, you guys. COVID-19 is just another part of the conspiracy meant to keep me from remembering who I am and the secret buried deep inside. It’s time to activate those dormant memories, find my motorcycle, and escape the dome. I must have been starting to get close again to solving the mystery of my own mysterious past and “they” had to keep me isolated and afraid in order to keep me from discovering the REAL TRUTH.

But the worst part is… You’re all in on it. Gotta say, that one hurts guys.

But I also have a question… How old am I really? Let’s say when I was 11, I was actually 31. That would make me 59. Am I really a sixty year old detective who rides a motorcycle and lives under a dome? I’d say… probably. Oh well.

2 thoughts on “Tinnitus Conspiracy Theory

  1. David Davis says:

    I i don’t wanna take away any of your shine but ur story hit me too close, so close it gave me chills. i was born in 2001 so i can’t relate completely because those movies were out before my time but what i can relate to is the dome, the high pitch ringing and the body switching. I used to think that i would switch bodies and when i did i would gain all of their memories, and feelings and forget my past body’s. also the truman show provided me with lots of anxiety because i thought i could be living that life. never did i ever relate the three things; truman show anxiety, the body switching and the tinnitus. when i was younger i also would struggle with the high pitch ringing occasionally but as i’ve gotten older it’s gotten worse and now it’s pretty much a constant thing. i would love to talk more about our experiences and how they related they are. please write be back if you are interested as well, thank you!

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    • Hi there! My tinnitus has gotten better over the years and rarely happens anymore but if yours is getting worse, I’d definitely see a doc about that.

      That being said, I did spend a lot of my childhood imagining I was someone else. I was born in 1981 so I’m a few years older than you. 😉 I’ve always had a very active imagination and that part of my personality began making a lot of sense to me after I discovered the enneagram. It’s a personality modeling system like the Myers-Briggs test. I learned that I am an enneagram 4 which has a tendency to be more imaginative and spends a lot of time day dreaming. I also learned as an adult that I have adhd. These things combined definitely led to me constructing elaborate stories about who I really was.

      I’ve also struggled with anxiety all my life so I totally relate to you there. I wonder if constructing those stories helped me cope as a child with having anxiety and being neurodivergent.

      What do you think?


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