“Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth.”

“What truth?”

“There is no spoon.”

“There is no spoon?”

“Then you’ll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.”

I think most people are on a quest to change the world around them. Some people know they are but most don’t. I think most people go blindly through life trying to bend the world and other people around them to their ideals and they don’t even realize they are doing it.

But control is an illusion. It’s impossible to really bend people to our ways. Anyone who can be convinced of your ideals by your persuasive words can be convinced of someone else’s later with their persuasive words.

We must stop trying to bend people to our way of thinking and our ideals. Stop trying to bend the spoon. That’s impossible. We must realize the truth. There is no spoon. Control is an illusion.

Once we let go of control, live and let live, stop pushing and manipulating and bending, the most amazing thing will happen. The world around us will change! The spoon will bend, as if by magic. People will be kinder. There will be more love and harmony between us and our family and friends. Real deep discussions will take place. Love will abound and flourish. The spoon bends.

How did we bend the spoon then since we let go of control and realized it was impossible to bend the spoon?

We didn’t. It was not the spoon that bends but ourselves. The world around us didn’t change. We did. We became more loving which led to more loving relationships. We became more harmonious which led to harmony in our lives. We stopped being judgmental and trying to manipulate and shape people and that led to deeper discussions about real subjects that matter to us.

My plea for myself: stop trying to bend the spoon. Let go of control. Let myself become fluid and bendable, loving, harmonious and accepting of others.

Peace, my friends.

The Future Doesn’t Exist

Here’s an idea I’ve been kicking around. I may be completely wrong about this but, honestly, idc. If I’m wrong, it’s the best thing that’s happened to me in a while.

Ok, the idea is this: the future doesn’t exist. I know, not exactly mind blowing, but nonetheless thought provoking.

All my Doctor Who fans out there know this quote:

The future is not set. It’s wibbly wobbly, timey wimey. It’s far too subjective to accurately plan. Yet we spend enormous amounts of our “time” thinking about, worrying about, planning for and trying to predict the future. But what if the future doesn’t exist? I’ve come to the conclusion that it does not. All there is, is now.

Here’s another quote for you: There is no spoon.

Who remembers that scene in The Matrix? Neo is meeting the Oracle for the first time and while he’s waiting to see her, he meets a small, bald-headed boy who is sitting on the floor gleefully bending spoons with his mind. The boy tells Neo not to try to bend the spoon because that is impossible. Instead, he should see the truth, there is no spoon. When he sees that, he will see that it is not the spoon that bends but himself.

What a powerful thought exercise on perception! Things we believe to be fixed and concrete really are not. Our perception either solidifies the spoon making it unbendable or our perception bends the spoon. Because really, the spoon doesn’t exist. It’s all in our heads.

Friends, why do we cling to a non-existent reality we’ve created in our minds? We create a path to future happiness, completely in our own thoughts, then make ourselves miserable trying to stay on that path, all the while telling ourselves if we stick to it, we’ll be happy someday. Why wait?!? Be happy now! Get off the path and have a picnic. Wander in those woods. Climb that mountain. The path will still be there if you ever really want to go back. But chances are, you won’t want to.

A question people ask a lot: when you reach the end of your life, what will you remember? Will you be proud of what you’ve accomplished?

There is no answer to that! I can’t predict who I’ll be at the end of my life. One, I have no idea when that will be! Two, why are we so concerned with how we will feel at the end? What about how we feel now? Don’t we think how we feel now is just as important, if not more so? Why is the end more important than right now? TBH I don’t think it is. I want to be happy now. If I work on being happy now, I’ll be happy at the end too bc when the end comes, it will also be “now”.

Idk what it really means to live in the moment but I’m learning. I’m learning that worrying about a future that doesn’t exist is insane. I can’t predict the future. I can’t create and ultimately stay on the perfect path. That’s impossible. I’m gonna get off the path and run with this idea for a while and just see where it takes me.

There is no spoon. And the future doesn’t exist. ❤

Desert Island

After much discussion with my family tonight around the dinner table, I have decided that the #1 thing you should take with you to a desert island is, in fact, a village of ninjas.

20140610-194302-70982923.jpgNinjas are like super humans. I’m not even sure they are human. They’re like superpowered aliens from Ninja Krypton or “Nypton”. And they would be useful in almost any foreseeable and unforeseeable situation you might find yourself in on said island.

Looking for help hunting wild boar? Ninjas. Getting attacked by “the others”? Ninjas. Who is better at building bamboo latrines?? No one but ninjas!

So if I am ever told I may bring one thing with me before being taken against my will to a desert island, I will be bringing ninjas.

However, if I get taken to a dessert island, the only thing I would need is a spoon. 🙂