Desert Island

After much discussion with my family tonight around the dinner table, I have decided that the #1 thing you should take with you to a desert island is, in fact, a village of ninjas.

20140610-194302-70982923.jpgNinjas are like super humans. I’m not even sure they are human. They’re like superpowered aliens from Ninja Krypton or “Nypton”. And they would be useful in almost any foreseeable and unforeseeable situation you might find yourself in on said island.

Looking for help hunting wild boar? Ninjas. Getting attacked by “the others”? Ninjas. Who is better at building bamboo latrines?? No one but ninjas!

So if I am ever told I may bring one thing with me before being taken against my will to a desert island, I will be bringing ninjas.

However, if I get taken to a dessert island, the only thing I would need is a spoon. 🙂