A year ago.

A year ago I vowed to write short stories and post them on this blog.  Well, I wrote one.  

I had this thought process that I’d do some writing exercises and post some short stories and then write some short stories for kids.  You what I’ve discovered in that year?  I’m not that interested in writing for kids.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love making up stories for Meg and Sam.  Whenever we are on a long car ride, inevitably I will end up telling them stories about the Tie Dye Teddy Bears or Booger the Goat, their two current favorites.  And they have literally begged me to write the stories down.  

I might do.  I might.  

But for now I’m gonna switch it up and instead write short stories that appeal to me, myself and I.  Woot.  

That is all, earthlings.