My Brief (but passionate) Love Affair with the Catfish, Mike William’s [sic]

You guys!!! What a fun morning I’ve had! A wonderful catfish named Mike William’s [sic] slid into my TikTok DM’s this morning and I had just the best convo with him. Don’t worry! I took screenshots!




Ok, first of all, I do not share my location with people voluntarily. And my bio does not say where I’m from. Here is the evidence.




Someone did not do their homework…





Ok… A couple things here… 50?!?!?! I’M 39!!! 39, people! So, as you can probably tell, this is when my lying got OUT OF CONTROL. Also, Mike William’s calls me cute and beautiful A LOT throughout this exchange. I would like to know if he watched my most recent TikTok video before DM’ing me.



If he watched that and STILL wants a piece of all THIS, he’s welcome to it! HAHA. But read on for more of my brilliant lies…








A couple things to know: 1) I was totally hiking while having this convo this morning; 2) I created a new Gmail account from my phone while hiking just so he’d email me some pics. Sadly, none of them were naughty.


I immediately noticed the stethoscope in the first pic and remembered he said he was in New York. What doctor in New York has time to flirt with a 62 year old woman from Florida in the middle of the day and with really bad spelling and grammar??? I knew it was time to call him on it.

***Edit: I was just informed that these are pics of a famous YouTuber named Dr. Mike, who actually is from New York. That. Is. Hilarious. I had no idea! I could have had a love affair with a famous doctor and I ruined it.






I like how he tries to call me on MY “bushit” at the end. But you know what they say, “never bushit a bushitter”. Sorry, Mike William’s, I’m just a better “bushitter” than you.

Anyway, after I ended things with Mike William’s I reported his account, blocked him, and deleted my new fake Gmail account.




What a whirlwind romance, eh?! Hope this made you smile as much as it made me smile and also double over in laughter when I saw he thought I was 50!!! HAHAHA! Have a good day!

P.S. Comment me your favorite line from the convo!