Saying the wrong thing and telling lies

Pride is sneaky
It’s not easy to see
Right away
You say
Only God can judge me
Held up high like a trophy
Like it’s magic, no one can touch me
Finding beauty in all your selfies
You live righteous, K, I’m not judging
Straight edge player marching to your own beat
Fell in love with the rhythm of your own need
Call them haterz if they don’t bow at your feet
But you’re just living like you were always made to be

Yeah, pride is sneaky
Drown so easy in our own deceit
Don’t come easy to humility
Don’t you know the earth goes to the meek
The future of the human race looks bleak
Cuz we let pride dictate the way we speak

Never thankful, never grateful
But always hashtag blessed
When’s the last time you bowed before Him
Laid your heart bare and confessed
Never sorry, not remorseful
Always hashtag amazing
But it’s not hard to be amazed
When it’s yourself you’re always praising

But who am I to judge
I’m selfish, lazy, mean and proud
Quick to anger
Quick to tear down
Slow to hear what’s clear and loud
I wish I was pure and gentle
Humble, patient, kind and wise
Instead I’m crazy, scarred and mental
Saying the wrong thing and telling lies

I know your pride won’t let you hear this
But that’s something I already knew
Cuz that’s the great thing about pride
It protects you from what’s true