The one and only “Mermaid Rap”

Sorry, it’s been a bit since I posted.  I have some pictures from the disposable camera giveaway to upload but I haven’t gotten around to it yet because I’ve been mondo busy.  We started school and since we homeschool that means a lot more work for me.  Also, we joined a homeschool co-op this semester and that’s been an adventure.  Plus, of course, there are preparations for the Christmas play at church underway, which I wrote this year and am heavily involved in making happen, cap’n.

But, even with all this going on, Meghan and I felt the need to write a rap for you…

… about mermaids.

It’s epic, baby.  Enjoy this little beauty, lyrics below.

P.S. Still working on the details for the next giveaway! Stay tuned to this bat channel for the deets.

Why you searchin’

Why you lookin’ for dreams

We’re not a dream come true 

We’re a dream unseen

Everybody on the ocean wants to find us

Asking themselves “What kind of

Girls want to live on the ocean floor?”

But we got all we want couldn’t ask for more

Beauty all around like you’ve never seen

Live in a world of wonder like you’re a livin’ a dream

Every day a new wave comes and washes us clean

Ain’t no wonder why we livin’ here it’s easy to see

Cuz we’re queens 

Under the sea

We rock the ocean man you know what I mean

Throws your fins in the air if you’ve got time to spare 

Our beats are too fresh but we just don’t care

Ahead of our time, always innovatin’

While you lubbers up there just be trippin’ and hatin’ 

Y’all just jealous cuz you wish that you could be us

But we’re too fast for ya son you’ll never beat us

Our wake is deadly 

We can swim for days

And don’t look in our eyes

Hypnotized by our gaze

Lovely, but lethal

Like a ninja with a seashell

The ocean is our playground 

Don’t forget that little detail

Lubbers in their boats always trying to catch us

But we’re the queens of the sea

So don’t forget us