My Political Rap, Part 3, Yo! (The Shortest Non-Political, Non-Rap Yet!)

So with all this “stuff” I’ve been hashing out the last few days here on my bloggity something else has happened. I’m experiencing so much JOY! I feel so FREE! I’ve thrown away my glittery thinking cap. Yippee! Hahaha!

I’m sorry for unloading all my junk on you guys. And for those of you who’ve read the last two rants and are now reading the third, I gotta say my hat is off to you. You must be a glutton for punishment. Even my husband of nearly 14 years was like “Dang, girl, that’s long.”*

(*not his actual words)

If you’ve been following along for all three parts of my non-political, non-rap I hope you’ve seen a girl working some stuff out. I hope you’ve read along with grace for me in your heart. I hope I didn’t offend you and, above all, I hope I, at least, stirred your heart.

I am in pursuit of Jesus. And I pray that I always am. I pray I never again allow my inner Tammy Faye to take over. Jesus doesn’t need me to make him “seem cool” or “relevant”. He doesn’t need me to “make” people love Him.

I want and NEED to make Jesus the #1 priority in my life. And I hope you do too.

One thought on “My Political Rap, Part 3, Yo! (The Shortest Non-Political, Non-Rap Yet!)

  1. Sherri Wilson says:

    Bonzai. I love your writing. And thinking. Paul said he became all things to people so that they would hear the Gospel. I wish I could go back and follow him around and see how that all worked out. What would he do if he were here today?
    Would Jesus be a homeless man today? Would he be Billy Graham? Daddy Theresa? Or like them…you understand. Well, we know that Jesus would be distinguished by his love. I hope we would recognize him:)
    I suspect that the entire time we r on this earth we will be groaning because things will never be right. We can each do our part and hopefully people will see the Spirit of God who is able to do more than we can ever ask or think.
    I enjoyed your thoughts…your vision. I hope we will get to see the Body of Christ working together, by the Spirit, to truly bring glory to God.


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