New Tattoo.

Hey there.  

I got a new tattoo yesterday.  On my right hand of all places.  I got it as a coverup of another tattoo I’d gotten many years ago that didn’t heal right and I kind of hated.  And let me tell you something, it hurts way more today than it did yesterday when I was getting it.  It. Really. Freakin’. Hurts.    


So as much as I want to write an amazing blog post this week and amuse y’all with my witticisms and clever word play, I ain’t gunna.  Cuz it hurts to type.  Fo’ Realz.

See y’all next week, my beautiful peeps.  Peace out, broski.


Smells bring back memories


Memories bring back smells

That antiseptic smell that lingers in the hallways of hospitals also lingers in the hallways of my mind

And that smell brings a flood of emotion

I love that smell

I hate that smell

That smell hurts my heart, it breaks my insides

It saved my daughter, it ruined her life

It stole years from my mother, it gave me more time with her I didn’t know I didn’t have

And I don’t have to smell it to remember, the memories themselves bring back the smell, no matter where I am

Even when I’m sitting in bed at night ready to fall asleep, the smell haunts me, it invades and steals my peace of mind

Goodnight, Smell, leave me alone tonight