La La Laaaaa Songs!

Soooooo…. Here’s some songs I wrote.  I add more all the time.  Just you wait. 🙂

Be Here    •   Lyrics

Cold Ones    •   Lyrics

Dear World I’m Going Back   •   Lyrics

Becoming The Devil  •  Lyrics

I’ve Known Jesus That’s How I Know  •  Lyrics

You Made Me On Purpose  •  Lyrics

This Is What I Know  •  Lyrics

Free Indeed   •   Lyrics

Broken Bones  •  Lyrics

You Are My Song  •  Lyrics

The Better Part   •   Lyrics

I’m Still Here  •  Lyrics

If We Knew   •  Lyrics

For Sure  •  Lyrics

A Cherry On Top  •  Lyrics

Teach Me Holy Spirit  •  Lyrics

Never Ending  •  Lyrics

Turtle Song  •  Lyrics

#triplethreat  •  Lyrics

The Love Chapter  •  Lyrics

Proton Song  •  Lyrics

A Song of Grief and Hope  •   Lyrics

Standing By The River  •  Lyrics

Now That I Know  •  Lyrics

Wash Away (All The Darkness)  •  Lyrics

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