More poems, bleh.

Feeling my feelings today. It’s ok to do that. Getting out the junk inside me and airing it out in the open sometimes helps. Like pulling a sticky, inky string of infected pus from out of my soul, washing it in a rain barrel, and hanging it out on grandma’s clothesline. So, in order to achieve this feat, here are 3 more of my recent poems. The editing software for this site doesn’t allow me to create the kind of line breaks I want in my poetry or song lyrics so I always just take screenshots of them in Word and post the screenshots here. I mention this because I worry the screenshots may look as though the whole thing is one big poem. I tried to separate them out a bit for you but in case it’s not clear, the poems are Three Blind Mice, And being burned alive, and Let Them Grow. Not really looking for comments on these, thanks. Just feeling my feelings today.



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