A coffee story with absolutely no point

My office is in our garage. There’s a little side room just off the garage that was originally a workshop but we turned it into a small “apartment” for a while and now it’s just my office. There’s a sink and a fridge and a little counter for the “kitchen”. And it has a very small water heater just for that sink and the bathroom. Since no one lives out there we keep the water heater turned off, otherwise the hot water gets a weird smell from having sat for so long without being used.

There is also a little one cup coffee maker out there for me. (I use the “re-usable” filter pods instead of the single use pods, so you can stop judging.) It’s really nice not to have to walk all the way back into the main house to make coffee.

The only problem I have is that I’m sorta lazy at the end of the day and I will typically just leave my coffee cup on the sink unwashed. So the next day when I want coffee I have to wash the cup before I can use it. And since the hot water is turned off, I have to wash the cup with cold water.

So I’d say I spend a good amount of my coffee drinking time just trying to warm my hands up again after washing the coffee cup with cold water. I’m saying all of this because I just made coffee and even though it’s a nice day and I’m not cold at all, I’m hugging my coffee cup like it’s the dead of winter.

And I’m probably not going to stop doing it.

The End.

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