J. B. Fletcher was cursed…

I’ve been binge watching Murder She Wrote for a while now. There are 264 episodes and at least one person was murdered on each episode, sometimes more than one. That means that over the course of 12 years (the shows run) over 264 people were murdered somewhere near Jessica Fletcher. 

If I was that woman I’d think I was cursed. I’d develop a freaking complex. I’d lock myself away from the rest of society.

I. Would. Flip. Out. 

My hat is off to this crazy, old English teacher from Maine for keeping her crap together when people are dropping like flies all around her. 

3 thoughts on “J. B. Fletcher was cursed…

  1. pokey9980 says:

    I used to watch that show as a child. I remember thinking every episode… who will it be today? And after a while…man this is morbid… she needs to start telling everyone about Jesus cause you never know who’s next and it’s always someone. Hey, wanna meet up and paint ceramics at the “New Beagle” someday? Justin and I did it on our anniversary and it was fun. It’s like 10$ for a coffee cup. – Em

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