The Very Sad, Fat Sheep

Recently, I bought a game called “Story Cubes” for us to use as a creative writing tool during school.  We used them for the first time yesterday.  There are 9 dice with a different picture on each of the 6 sides.  You roll all 9 of the dice and then try to construct a story from whatever pictures you get.  Here is the story the three of us came up with after our first roll.

The Very Sad, Fat Sheep

Once upon a time there was a really fat sheep.  The sheep ate so much he was really unhappy with his figure.  The sheep was sad.  He was so sad he ate 50 gallons of ice cream and weighed himself.  And then he was sadder.  But what he didn’t know was that the scale he used was enchanted and it spoke to him.

It said, “Hey, fatty, what do you think I am, the Golden Gate Bridge?”

He was so sad that he jumped into a hot air balloon and tried to fly away but he sunk down to the ground and broke the scale.  He wanted to learn math so he could measure how fat he was so he bought an abacus.  The abacus he wanted to buy was very expensive so he sold his house in order to pay for it.  Now he was fat, sad and homeless.

He decided to eat a bunch of fruit to lose weight.  One of the apples he ate was actually poisoned but he was so fat he survived.  He looked around, he thought he was going to die.  But then something caught his eye.  It was a very rare beetle renowned for its healing properties.  He quickly ate the beetle and it made him all better and even helped him lose all the weight.  He decided to get a job as an accountant because he was so good at math now.

The end.

By Meghan, Sammee and Mommy

3 thoughts on “The Very Sad, Fat Sheep

  1. That was so politically incorrect. You are not allowed to use the word fat. I am offended. Not really. But I was just imagining that as a children’s cartoon. There was something deep and profound about it. And how did you get your story cube story to make sense. Ours are so much more ridiculous. Yours was actually pretty cool. I laughed, I cried.

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