I’m sitting in my new house, packed boxes still unopened and waiting for me to actually do something with all this crap. But I’m feeling super emo. So I grab my little Casio and bang this out. The keyboard is precariously balancing on my knee. I’m scratching out lyrics on whatever I can find because the notebook I normally use is in a box somewhere. And I don’t even finish the song. I write a verse and a chorus and I’m satisfied. So here you go. The song is called Nothing. Yes, it’s a reflection of my stupid, illogical feelings. No, it’s not representative of what I know to be true. Music doesn’t always have to tell the truth. Sometimes it can tell the raw heartache that gnaws at us and burns inside our chests, hollowing us out. Sometimes, like me, you love too much and it breaks you. I’m not stupid for loving. But that doesn’t make it hurt any less when the love goes unreturned.

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