Drumroll Please.

I’m on Twitter again. My @ is @everydaybonnie. I’m gonna put a button on this blog. (When I get around to it.) I’m gonna say stuff on my account. I know my readers have come to expect a lot from me. *stifled giggle* So I’ll be sure to deliver. This is my pic:


Try not to confuse me with this person. (You’d be surprised how often that happens.)


Still no Facebook account. I will only get another Facebook account if I ever become rich and famous enough to pay someone to run it for me and NEVER EVER read it to me. No scratch that. If I become that rich and famous I will make people sign up for a mailing list and they will receive daily updates via snail mail. That’s right, not even email. Snail. Mail. Delivered straight to your mailbox by handsome tuxedoed snails who only speak French or speak with Jamaican accents. I tried to find a pic of a handsome snail in a tux for this post but clearly the Internet is not ready for such awesomeness. Also, clearly I didn’t care enough to look for more than 2 seconds.

So just to recap: follow me on Twitter @everydaybonnie, soon I’ll be rich and famous, and when I’m rich and famous I’ll deliver mail dressed as an 8 foot snail in a tux.