How far down does this trash can go?

Does retreat ever feel like your only option? Sometimes it feels like mine. 

It’s impossible for anyone to know exactly how their words or actions will affect other people.  And sometimes even when we are doing what we think is our best we manage to hurt or offend someone we care about. 

It seems like these last few weeks have been nothing but a continuous lesson in how spectacular I am at saying or doing the wrong thing. And “trying” to do the right thing doesn’t seem to count. 


The introvert in me is beating the extrovert senseless. “RETREAT!!!!” she says. My inner extrovert is losing consciousness. I think there might be some internal bleeding. 

Anyone reading this, if I’ve hurt or wronged you in some way, I’m so so sorry. 


Please forgive me. I’m gonna go climb in a hole for a week. 


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